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Jamie Macphail has a fascination with small country halls and their place in the hearts and lives of the communities they serve. He grew up spending his entertainment hours in halls just like these. Through the decades since he’s worked with some of the biggest bands to tour NZ. He’s played host to most of our finest musicians. His Sitting Room Sessions are famous. He’s the ringmaster of the annual Hawke’s Bay Arts Festival, and the hardest working man with the biggest heart behind the scenes of the NZ music touring circuit. He’s worked on big gigs with big name stars, and then those big names have joined him to play tiny country churches in the middle of nowhere.

Small Halls is Macphail’s ode to his love affair with the rural heart of NZ, its out-of-the-way places, the architecture and essence of these centres of community pride, celebration, music and connection.

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What's On

Small Hall Crawl of Waiheke Island

Amanda Palmer

Artist Info

Palm Beach Hall
Fri Jul 30 - SOLD OUT

Morra Hall
Sat Jul 31 - 4pm

Morra Hall
Sat Jul 31 – 8pm

Rocky Bay Hall/Omiha Memorial Hall
Sun Aug 1 - SOLD OUT

The Rag Poets

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The Twyford Raupare Community Hall
Fri Aug 6

The Tutira Community Hall
Sat Aug 7

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